New mattress: tackling the unpleasant odor after unboxing

The trend of purchasing mattresses online is soaring! Delivered rolled and compressed in a protective film, these mattresses, however, often release an unpleasant smell upon unboxing. Let’s delve into understanding this phenomenon and how to counteract it.

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The online mattress phenomenon

The concept of selling mattresses online has become a massive hit. Initiated about a decade ago in Europe, these rolled and compressed mattresses offer numerous benefits. They have revolutionized the bedding industry, providing an attractive price-quality ratio. Memory foam mattresses, in particular, which were once a luxury, are now accessible to all.

Delivered in a relatively compact box, these mattresses promise quick delivery. The design is so user-friendly that even a single person can easily move it upstairs without needing any assistance. Once unboxed, the mattress gradually regains its original shape. However, there’s a minor hiccup: a strong plastic-like odor emanates from the mattress.

What causes the odor?

The smell upon unboxing is primarily due to a slight gaseous release. This happens when a new foam mattress emits an odor after being removed from its plastic wrap. This odor arises as volatile organic components break down, leading to gas release.

This decomposition phase is entirely normal and occurs post-unboxing. Typically, the smell fades after a few days, especially if the mattress is placed in a well-ventilated room. While not toxic, the scent can be off-putting. Here are some tips and recommendations to make the odor vanish in just a few hours.

Steps to eliminate the odor

1. Unboxing location: Start by opening the mattress package in a room other than the bedroom. This will minimize the odor in your sleeping space.
2. Ventilation: Meanwhile, ensure good airflow in the bedroom by opening the windows wide.
3. Placement: Once the bedroom is well-aerated, place the new mattress on the bed frame.
4. Isolation: Close the bedroom door and let the mattress sit for about 5 to 6 hours.
5. Check: When you return, you’ll likely find the odor significantly reduced or entirely gone. If any smell lingers, consider washing the mattress cover or placing the mattress outdoors for a few hours.