Preparing your backyard for a swimming pool installation

The recent heatwaves have not only brought scorching temperatures but also a soaring demand for backyard swimming pools. With the waiting times stretching longer, it’s wise to get a head start on preparing your property. Here’s a comprehensive guide to ensure your backyard is pool-ready.

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Choosing the Perfect Spot for Your Pool

The location of your pool is paramount. While you might be tempted to place it at the farthest corner for privacy, practicality should be a priority. Ideally, your pool should be:

– Close to Water and Electric Sources: This minimizes the need for long pipes and cables, reducing potential hazards and maintenance costs.
– Near the Patio or Terrace: This allows for easy access, especially during gatherings or parties. Plus, it’s always a treat to have a pool view right from your living space.

The Importance of Soil Analysis

Before you even think of digging, it’s crucial to understand the ground you’re working with. Conducting a soil analysis will:

– Determine Groundwater Levels: Knowing the water table level in your garden is essential. A high water table exerts more pressure on the pool structure, necessitating specific construction techniques to ensure longevity.
– Identify Soil Composition: Different soils have varying bearing capacities. While sandy soils offer good drainage, clayey soils might require additional measures to prevent waterlogging.

Digging: Precision is Key

While you might be eager to start the excavation process, remember that precision is crucial. The pool’s foundation needs to be exact, ensuring a snug fit for the pool structure. Many pool companies prefer to handle the digging themselves to guarantee accuracy. However, if you’re considering doing it yourself:

– Use the Right Equipment: A backhoe or a mini-excavator is typically used for pool excavations.
– Mark the Boundaries: Clearly demarcate the pool’s dimensions, allowing some extra space for adjustments.

Ensuring Easy Access for Pool Installation

The installation process involves heavy machinery and equipment. Therefore, it’s essential to:

– Provide a 3-meter Wide Pathway: This ensures easy movement for the pool installation team and their machinery.
– Clear Obstructions: Remove any obstacles that might hinder the installation process, such as trees, shrubs, or garden furniture.

The Final Countdown to Pool Completion

Once the groundwork is laid, the actual pool installation is relatively swift. Within a week:

– Stabilize the Pool: Ensure that the pool sits firmly in its foundation, preventing any future shifts.
– Install and Test Filters: Proper filtration is crucial for maintaining water clarity and hygiene.
– Fill the Pool: Once everything is in place, it’s time to fill your pool with water.
– Add the Finishing Touches: The pool coping or edging is installed last, giving your pool a polished look.

Conclusion: Dive into Summer Fun

Installing a pool is a significant investment, not just in terms of money but also time and effort. However, with proper planning and preparation, you can streamline the process, ensuring that your backyard transforms into a summer oasis in no time. So, as the temperatures rise, take the plunge and get started on your pool journey!