Navigating the Belgian pool market post-pandemic

The sunny days of lockdown during the pandemic saw Belgians flocking to a particular home improvement: swimming pools. With travel restrictions and a desire to make the most of their backyards, many homeowners decided it was the perfect time to invest in a pool. But two years on, what should potential pool buyers know?

Haley Phelps

1. A Cooling Demand

Recent data from the FBP (Fédération belge des professionnels de la piscine et du bien-être) highlighted an unprecedented surge in pool installations over the past two years. From 3,050 new pools in 2019, the numbers jumped to 4,050 in 2020 and a whopping 6,150 in 2021. However, with travel restrictions easing and energy prices soaring, the enthusiasm for pools seems to be waning. The federation predicts around 5,225 new pools for this year – still a significant number!

2. Patience is Key: No Immediate Dips

While the demand might be slowing down, those dreaming of a summer splash should temper their expectations. Supply chain disruptions continue to delay material deliveries, and most pool companies have their order books full for the coming months.

3. Rising Pool Costs

Historically, depending on the finishes, features, terrain type, and size, a pool’s cost would typically range between 40,000 and 80,000 euros. However, the recent conflict in Ukraine and the subsequent surge in material prices mean that pool enthusiasts might need to shell out a bit more for the same model.

4. Maintenance Doesn’t Come Cheap Either

Pool professionals previously estimated a daily maintenance cost of around 5 euros. This figure, calculated annually rather than seasonally, encompasses heating, cleaning products, and pool opening and closing procedures. But with the current economic climate, this cost has risen to around 6 or 7 euros daily. On the bright side, investing in photovoltaic panels could offset some of these expenses.

5. Choose Your Pool Professional Wisely

The pool boom has inevitably led to a surge in service providers entering the market. But as Patrice Dresse, the president of the FBP, points out, not all of them come with the best intentions or expertise. It’s crucial to select a seasoned professional with a solid reputation. Do your research, read reviews, and perhaps even visit some of their completed projects.

Conclusion: Making the Right Splash

Investing in a swimming pool is a significant decision, both financially and in terms of lifestyle. While the Belgian pool market has seen some dramatic shifts post-pandemic, potential buyers should be well-informed and cautious. With the right choices, your backyard can transform into a personal oasis, offering endless moments of relaxation and fun.