Home security in Belgium: Camera or alarm system?

In Belgium, with over 141 burglaries reported daily, homeowners are faced with the pressing question: Which security system is more effective – a surveillance camera or an alarm system? Both have their merits, but understanding their functionalities can help make an informed decision.

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Video Surveillance: A Deterrent at First Sight

Surveillance cameras primarily serve as a deterrent. When conspicuously placed around or within your property, they signal potential intruders that they’re being watched. Modern cameras, equipped with internet connectivity, allow homeowners to monitor their property remotely, ensuring safety without direct confrontation.

Thanks to advancements in imaging and storage technology, homeowners can now record Full HD videos at an affordable price. These recordings are securely saved in the cloud, accessible anytime and anywhere via smartphones or computers.

Some cameras come with infrared capabilities, enabling night-time recording. Others are motion-sensitive, activating only when movement is detected within their coverage area.

– Continuous monitoring of your property through connected devices.
– Acts as a deterrent when placed visibly.
– Provides evidence in case of disputes.

– If the camera lacks local storage, burglars can neutralize it by cutting off the internet access.
– While it alerts you of an intrusion, it doesn’t necessarily stop the burglar.

When purchasing, consider:
– If opting for a Wi-Fi setup, ensure your network’s reliability. Alternatively, some cameras offer Ethernet connections.
– Prioritize cloud-only storage options that encrypt your recordings. Avoid outdated open-stream storage devices.
– Check the camera’s viewing angle based on its intended location.
– For outdoor surveillance, ensure the camera is weather-resistant.

Alarm Systems: A Time-Tested Solution

Alarm systems aim to deter burglars and potentially alert contacts (like the police) during a breach. Equipped with sensors, alarms trigger interior and exterior sirens upon motion detection. Unlike cameras, alarms are reactive, responding to threats with loud and disruptive noises.

Modern alarms can be controlled via apps on connected devices. This allows homeowners to arm or disarm their system remotely and receive immediate intrusion alerts.

Additionally, alarm systems can be enhanced with various sensors, such as door and window opening detectors, or integrated with smoke detectors.

– Effective motion detection.
– Alerts you, neighbors, or the police during an intrusion.

– Can be expensive depending on the setup.
– False alarms due to poor installation or harmless moving objects.

Conclusion: Combine Both for Optimal Security

The ideal solution is to integrate surveillance cameras with alarm systems. When an alarm detects movement, you can instantly access camera footage. Besides alerting the police and neighbors, having visual evidence strengthens your case in the event of a confirmed break-in.