5 tips to renovate your bathroom under €5,000

Renovating a bathroom doesn’t always mean spending a fortune. With some creativity and smart choices, you can achieve a stunning transformation without emptying your pockets. Here are five cost-effective tips to breathe new life into your bathroom for under €5,000.


1. Refresh the flooring

The floor plays a significant role in defining the overall look of a room, and the bathroom is no exception. Instead of replacing the entire tile flooring, consider overlaying it with a new material. For wet areas like bathrooms, PVC is an excellent choice. It’s moisture-resistant, dries quickly, and offers a non-slip surface. Plus, walking on PVC feels comfortable underfoot. The market offers a plethora of colors and patterns, ensuring you find something that matches your taste.

2. Embrace recycling

Due to the constant moisture in bathrooms, furniture tends to deteriorate faster. Rusty hinges and warped wooden pieces can be an eyesore. Instead of buying new furniture, why not repurpose solid wood pieces like tables, workbenches, or dressers? A bit of sanding, painting, varnishing, and fitting a sink can transform these pieces into chic bathroom fixtures, adding a touch of elegance to the space.

3. Say goodbye to the bathtub

With rising water costs and the convenience of showers, many households are ditching their bathtubs. Replacing them with walk-in showers or Italian-style showers can modernize the bathroom. These showers are not only stylish but also space-saving. Installing the base and necessary connections is straightforward, making it a cost-effective renovation option.

4. Paint over tiles

If your tiles look outdated but are still in good condition, consider painting them. Special tile paint, made of epoxy resin, is moisture-resistant, durable, and easy to maintain. This paint can be applied directly to tiles after cleaning, degreasing, and light sanding. Available in various colors and finishes (matte, satin, or glossy), it’s a quick way to revamp the bathroom’s appearance.

5. Upgrade your faucets

Quality fixtures in the bathroom (and kitchen) are essential. It’s frustrating to replace equipment shortly after installation. However, quality doesn’t always mean expensive. Today, you can find robust and reliable bathroom accessories at affordable prices, thanks to private sales or promotions by renowned brands. Changing faucets can dramatically alter the look of your bathroom, making it feel more modern and luxurious.


Renovating a bathroom on a budget is entirely feasible with some ingenuity and careful planning. By following these tips, you can achieve a beautiful transformation that not only enhances the aesthetics of your bathroom but also adds value to your home. Remember, it’s not about how much you spend, but how wisely you spend it.