5 effective ways to rid your garden of moles

Moles, while small, can cause significant damage to our gardens. Their relentless digging in search of food not only disrupts the aesthetics of our lawns but can also harm the roots of plants. If you’ve been noticing a series of raised mounds or ridges on your lawn, you’re likely dealing with a mole problem. But fear not! Here are five effective strategies to help you reclaim your garden from these underground pests.

Garden Mole

Understanding the mole’s behavior

Moles are primarily driven by their need for food. They must consume about three-quarters of their body weight daily, primarily feasting on earthworms. This insatiable appetite explains their extensive tunneling behavior. A single mole can dig tunnels spanning over 300 meters!

Natural repellents

Moles have a keen sense of smell, and they’re particularly sensitive to strong odors. Utilizing this trait can be an effective way to deter them from your garden.

1. Garlic and Spicy Scents: Planting garlic or even using leftover spaghetti sauce can repel moles. The strong smell is off-putting to them and can deter them from tunneling in the treated area.
2. Flower Power: Some experts recommend planting flowers like fritillaries or daffodils. These plants not only deter moles but can also keep away mice and voles. However, the effectiveness of this method can vary.

Physical barriers

Creating physical barriers can prevent moles from entering your garden or force them to move to a new location.

1. Plant a Tree: The roots of trees can act as natural barriers against moles. As a bonus, planting trees is also beneficial for the environment.
2. Netting and Fencing: Installing deep-set mole netting or fencing can effectively keep moles out. However, ensure that you’re not trapping any moles inside, as this can exacerbate the problem.

Technological solutions

Modern technology offers some innovative solutions to the age-old mole problem.

1. Ultrasonic Devices: Moles are sensitive to ultrasonic waves and vibrations. Devices that emit these can deter moles from your garden. Initially, they might become more active, but over time, they’ll find the environment unsuitable and move on.


Trapping remains one of the most effective methods to deal with moles, though it’s less humane.

1. Pincer Traps: These traps snap shut on the mole, killing it instantly.
2. Air Blast Traps: These use cartridges to produce a blast of air, killing the mole.
3. Cylinder Traps: These traps imprison the mole without killing it, allowing for relocation.


While moles are a natural part of the ecosystem, their presence in our gardens can be disruptive. By understanding their behavior and employing a combination of the methods listed above, you can effectively manage and reduce mole activity in your garden. Remember, consistency is key, and it might take some time before you see lasting results. With patience and persistence, you can enjoy a beautiful, mole-free garden once again.