Belgians’ wealth soars through real estate investments

The Gini coefficient, an essential indicator of wealth distribution, shows an improvement in Belgium. The closer this coefficient is to ‘1’, the greater the inequality. In Belgium, it dropped from 0.7 in 2018 to 0.68 in 2023. For context, the average in the Eurozone is 0.72, indicating that Belgium is doing better in terms of wealth equality.


How Real Estate Contributes to Wealth in Belgium

Belgian households have a median wealth of 277,277 euros, which is nearly twice the Eurozone average of 150,549 euros. This significant disparity is primarily due to the modest rise in property prices, a high proportion of homeowners, and a less marked increase in Belgian stocks. This trend underscores the pivotal role of real estate in wealth accumulation and stability.

Factors Behind the Real Estate Wealth Surge

Several factors contribute to the robust real estate market in Belgium:

Stable Property Prices: Unlike some of its European neighbors, Belgium has experienced a moderate increase in property prices, making real estate a viable investment for a broader population segment.

High Homeownership Rates: The culture of property ownership in Belgium means more families invest in real estate, which appreciates over time, contributing to their overall wealth.

Investment in Diverse Real Estate Portfolios: Belgians tend to invest not only in primary residences but also in second homes and rental properties, diversifying their real estate portfolios and enhancing wealth generation.

Comparing Belgian Wealth to the European Average

When compared to the European average, Belgian families stand out for their higher net worth, largely due to their real estate investments. This difference is not merely a result of high property values but also of strategic investment and a culturally ingrained preference for real estate ownership.

Future Outlook for Belgian Real Estate

Looking forward, the Belgian real estate market shows potential for continued growth, especially in the context of global economic fluctuations. Real estate remains a relatively safe and stable investment, and as Belgians continue to invest in this sector, it is expected to play a significant role in maintaining and enhancing their wealth.


The real estate market in Belgium has proven to be a significant contributor to the wealth of its citizens, surpassing the European average. This trend highlights the importance of real estate as a key asset class in personal wealth portfolios. As the market evolves, understanding the dynamics of real estate investment and its impact on wealth will be crucial for both current and future investors.