Strategic placement of electrical outlets in Belgian homes: A comprehensive guide

It’s always during those moments when you’re searching for an outlet to plug in a monitor or vacuum cleaner that you realize the layout wasn’t as well-thought-out as you hoped. Proper planning is essential for daily convenience; otherwise, you might find yourself regretting the setup for years to come.

electric plug placement

The significance of planning ahead

Consider where you’ll frequently use appliances and ensure you have an ample number of outlets. The kitchen, for instance, often requires more outlets than you might initially think. Similarly, bedside outlets are a must for modern living. Reflect on your needs and even consider the width of your bed to optimally position these outlets.

Optimal outlet height

While most outlets are typically positioned around 30 cm off the ground, this height can be adjusted based on your preferences. Sometimes, placing them slightly higher can offer added convenience, especially in areas where bending down might be cumbersome.

Don’t overlook outdoor outlets

Imagine the frustration of not having an outlet on your patio or by the pool! However, while planning for outdoor outlets, it’s essential not to go overboard. A balanced approach is key.

Living room considerations

Beware of relying too heavily on multi-outlet extensions, as they can lead to power surges. However, with a plethora of devices like TVs, decoders, audio systems, and lamps, they might be inevitable. Ensure there are enough power outlets near the dining area for added convenience.

Bedroom essentials

Plan for ample outlets in children’s rooms. While they might be young now, there will come a time when they’ll need outlets for computers, smartphone chargers, printers, and more.

Laundry room dynamics

A laundry room demands a sufficient number of dedicated circuits. Ensure that heavy appliances like washing machines and dryers are on separate circuits to avoid overloading.

Preparing for electric vehicles

Even if you don’t currently own an electric car, it’s wise to have an outlet in the garage that can accommodate a charging station in the future. And don’t just stop at one; consider future needs like electric bikes and tool chargers.

Bathroom safety

Bathroom outlets require special attention due to the risk of electrocution. Always trust a professional for these installations. In fact, for all your outlet installations, it’s best to rely on a specialist. Don’t hesitate to request a double-check, as missing an outlet can lead to significant inconveniences down the line.


Strategically placing electrical outlets in your home can significantly enhance your living experience. By considering your current and future needs, and with the help of a professional, you can ensure that your Belgian home is both functional and safe.