5 innovative ways to reuse water from your air conditioner

Water scarcity is becoming an increasingly pressing issue worldwide. As we strive to find sustainable solutions, it’s essential to look at the resources we already have. One such overlooked resource is the water produced by air conditioners through condensation. But how can this water be harnessed and reused effectively?

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Gathering Water from Your Air Conditioner

To tap into this unexpected water source, you first need to locate the valve that expels excess water from your air conditioning unit. Typically, this valve can be found at the back or bottom of the unit’s external component. Once located, position a container beneath it to collect the dripping water. Ensure the container is spacious enough to hold the water produced while the air conditioner operates. Regularly check the container to prevent overflow and remember to clean it periodically to inhibit bacterial or mold growth.

If your air conditioner is elevated, you can install piping to direct the condensation water to a ground-level container. Before proceeding, ensure your air conditioner is free from chemicals or toxins that could contaminate the water. If uncertain, consult a professional to inspect your air conditioning system.

1. Plant Watering

The water from your air conditioner is essentially distilled water, lacking the nutrients plants typically need. However, it provides the primary element for plant growth: H2O molecules. You can use this water for watering plants, but remember to supplement with additional nutrients, especially for potted indoor plants that rely solely on the water you provide.

2. Ironing

Being free from limescale, the water from your air conditioner is ideal for ironing clothes. It ensures no stains on garments and reduces the hassle with your iron, ensuring smooth operation over time.

3. Household and Car Cleaning

This water can also serve various cleaning purposes around the house. Whether it’s mopping floors, cleaning windows, dusting furniture, or even crafting your eco-friendly detergent, the water from your air conditioner can be invaluable. It’s a sustainable solution that reduces the need for tap water for such chores.

4. Windshield Washer Fluid in Summer

The distilled nature of this water makes it perfect for cleaning windshields, free from the usual mineral residues. You can add it to your car’s windshield washer reservoir for a limescale-free cleaning solution during the warmer months. However, avoid using it in winter as it can freeze, potentially damaging the vehicle’s pipes.

5. Toilet Flush Supply

In some innovative setups, air conditioner condensate is collected and used to feed toilet flush systems. While this practice isn’t widespread in domestic settings yet, it could be the future of sustainable home design. Why waste fresh tap water when you have a free and sustainable source right from your air conditioner?


As the world grapples with water scarcity, every drop counts. The water from our air conditioners, often overlooked, can be a significant step towards a more sustainable future. By reusing this water, we not only conserve a precious resource but also reduce our environmental footprint, one drop at a time.