Inheriting property in Belgium: Can you sell it right away?

Inheriting a property can be both a blessing and a challenge. While it may offer financial relief, it can also bring about a host of questions and responsibilities. One of the most common questions that arise is whether you can sell the inherited property immediately. Let’s explore the legal and practical aspects of selling an inherited property in Belgium.

Immediate ownership and the right to sell

The good news is that, in Belgium, you become the owner of the property as soon as the previous owner passes away. This means that you have the legal right to sell the property immediately if you wish to do so. There is no mandatory "waiting period" between the time of death and the time you can put the property on the market.

Note: If you plan to sell the property through a real estate agent, you’ll likely need to provide proof that you are the new owner.

Multiple heirs and the sale process

Things can get complicated if there are multiple heirs involved. All heirs must agree to the sale of the property. If even one heir disagrees, the property cannot be sold quickly. In such cases, a judicial liquidation of the estate may be necessary, which would be overseen by a notary appointed by the court.

How to reach an agreement among heirs

If all heirs are not in agreement about selling the property, it’s advisable to seek mediation or legal advice. This can help resolve disputes and provide a fair solution for all parties involved.

Special cases: Minors and property administrators

If one of the heirs is a minor, you’ll need to obtain authorization from the Justice of the Peace to sell the property. The same applies if one of the heirs is under the control of a property administrator.

Legal procedures for minors

The Justice of the Peace will review the case to ensure that selling the property is in the best interest of the minor. This process can take time, so it’s essential to factor this into your plans.

Property administrators

If an heir is under the control of a property administrator, additional legal steps may be required to sell the property. This could involve court hearings and legal documentation, further delaying the sale process.

Financial considerations

Taxes and fees

Inheriting a property isn’t just about ownership; it also involves financial responsibilities. You’ll need to consider inheritance taxes, notary fees, and any outstanding debts on the property.

Market conditions

The real estate market can fluctuate, affecting the value of your inherited property. It’s advisable to consult with real estate experts to determine the best time to sell.


Inheriting a property in Belgium comes with its own set of rules and responsibilities. While you technically have the right to sell the property immediately, various factors can complicate this process. These include the number of heirs, the presence of minors or individuals under property administration, and financial considerations like taxes and market conditions.

Final Thoughts: If you find yourself in the complex situation of inheriting a property, it’s crucial to understand your legal rights and responsibilities. Consult with legal and real estate professionals to navigate the intricacies of property inheritance in Belgium.