5 cleaning agents to avoid for marble and natural stone care

Marble, with its timeless elegance and sophisticated appeal, has become a staple in many homes. From fireplace mantels to kitchen countertops and window sills, marble’s presence is undeniable. However, its maintenance is an art in itself. Despite its hard and rigid appearance, marble, like many natural stones, is delicate. Without proper care, it can quickly lose its shine and allure.

kitchen marble

Understanding marble’s nature

Marble’s beauty lies in its unique patterns and luxurious finish. But beneath this exterior, it’s a stone that requires gentle care. Different types of marble, depending on their origin and age, can react differently to cleaning agents. Hence, it’s always advised to test any cleaning product on a small, inconspicuous area before applying it to the entire surface.

Marble’s best friends

When it comes to cleaning and nourishing marble, some products stand out:

Black soap and Marseille soap: These are gentle cleansers that not only clean but also nourish the marble, preserving its natural sheen.
Linseed oil-based liquid soaps: These not only clean but also provide the necessary nourishment to the stone.
Soda crystals, clay stone, Sommières earth, and a combination of baking soda with olive oil: These are excellent for tackling stubborn stains without harming the marble’s surface.

Products to steer clear of

While there are products that marble loves, there are others that it despises. Using the wrong cleaning agents can lead to irreversible damage. Here are the top five products you should avoid:

1. White vinegar: Its acidic nature can etch the marble surface, leading to dull spots.
2. Lemon juice: Similar to vinegar, the citric acid in lemon can harm the marble.
3. Bleach: It’s too harsh and can strip the marble of its natural shine.
4. Anticalc products: These can leave permanent marks on the marble.
5. Scouring powders and liquids: Their abrasive nature can scratch and damage the marble surface.

In addition to these, most chemical-based cleaning agents can be detrimental. Acidic and stripping detergents can directly harm the marble, leaving lasting marks.

General care tips for marble

– Always act swiftly: If you spill something on the marble, rinse it immediately with clear water. Don’t let any stain seep into the stone.
– Always be gentle: Use natural products and a soft cloth to clean. Avoid scrubbing or using abrasive materials.
– Protect your marble: Use coasters, mats, and trivets to prevent direct contact with hot, cold, or colored substances.


Marble is a testament to nature’s beauty. With the right care, it can remain a centerpiece in your home for generations. By understanding what products to use and what to avoid, you can ensure that your marble surfaces continue to shine and captivate.