Protecting your electronics from summer storms: A comprehensive guide

Summer brings with it the joy of sunny days, but it can also usher in sudden and sometimes violent storms. These meteorological events, while natural, can wreak havoc on our beloved electronic devices, leading to unexpected expenses and inconveniences.

Garth Manthe

The expert’s advice: Olivier Lance

Olivier Lance, a renowned expert in electronics protection, emphasizes a simple yet often overlooked precaution: during a storm or tempest, it’s highly recommended to unplug your most vulnerable devices. In extreme cases, even turning off the main power can be a wise decision. But which devices are most at risk during these electrical disturbances?

Television: The most vulnerable

The television stands out as the most susceptible device during storms. Why? Not only is it connected to the electrical grid, but it’s also often linked to an antenna, cable distribution, or a multimedia box. In any of these scenarios, it’s crucial to disconnect the power plug and any other cables attached to the TV. If you have an external antenna on your roof, ensure that after disconnecting it from the TV, you keep its cable away from other electronic devices.

Landline phones and the misconception about mobiles

The same caution should be applied to your landline phone, especially if it’s connected through an overhead line rather than an underground one. However, a common myth needs busting: using a mobile phone during a storm is, contrary to popular belief, completely safe!

Other sensitive electronic devices

Computers, multimedia boxes, and high-fidelity audio equipment like home theater amplifiers, soundbars, and CD, DVD, and Blu-ray players are particularly vulnerable to power surges. During a stormy episode, it’s best to turn off these devices and unplug them from the electrical outlets. Additionally, always remember to disconnect your internet box and modem from the telephone socket.

Preventive measures before vacations

Before heading out on a holiday, it’s always a good idea to be proactive. Disconnect all cables that have an external connection, such as telephone lines or cables linked to antennas. Also, unplug all electrical supplies, including power strips. This not only protects your devices from potential storm damage but also conserves energy.


While summer storms are a natural part of the season, the damage they can cause to our electronics isn’t something we should accept as inevitable. By taking a few preventive measures, we can ensure the longevity of our devices and enjoy the summer without the looming threat of unexpected repair bills. Stay safe, and let your devices stay safe too!