Brussels real estate: Understanding tax reductions for first-time buyers

The real estate market in Brussels offers a plethora of opportunities, especially for first-time buyers. One such opportunity is the tax reduction on registration rights, commonly referred to as an "abatement." This reduction can significantly lower the amount of registration rights payable by the buyer, making it a lucrative proposition for those eyeing a property in the capital.

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Sinitta Leunen

What is the Abatement?

If you’re considering purchasing a property in any of the 19 municipalities of Brussels, you’re in for some good news. Since the abolition of the housing bonus in 2017, buyers can avail a fiscal abatement on registration rights in Brussels.

Breaking Down the Abatement

Effective from April 1, 2023, in Brussels, the fiscal abatement now applies to a bracket of 200,000 €. This translates to a saving of 25,000 €, given that the registration rights rate stands at 12.5%. Previously, the abatement was on 175,000 €, offering a saving of 21,875 €. This fiscal incentive, however, comes with specific conditions:

– The purchase price of the property must not exceed 600,000 €.
– The acquisition should be for the entire property in full ownership.
– The property should be used or intended (even partially) for residential purposes.
– At the time of acquisition, one should not fully own another property.
– The buyer must establish their primary residence within two years from the signing of the deed and maintain it for at least five uninterrupted years.

Failing to adhere to these conditions will require the buyer to repay the benefit, except in cases of force majeure such as death, divorce, severe accident, illness, etc.

Additional Benefits for Renovation

The benefits don’t stop there! Brussels’ Finance Minister, Sven Gatz, has advocated for an additional abatement in cases of significant energy renovation of the property. This secondary abatement amounts to 25,000 € per energy class jump on the PEB scale, provided there’s an improvement of at least two jumps. In such scenarios, homeowners initiating the renovations will enjoy an additional abatement of 50,000 €. This means a fiscal gain of 6,250 € on top of the 25,000 € from the previously mentioned abatement, bringing the total fiscal advantage to a whopping 31,250 €!

What Does This Mean for Potential Buyers?

These new regulations are a windfall for prospective homeowners in Brussels. The combined benefits of the abatements can lead to substantial savings, making homeownership in the capital more accessible and affordable. For those contemplating a property purchase in Brussels, it’s essential to be aware of these benefits and understand how they can impact your financial planning.

Seeking More Information?

If you’re on the fence about buying a property in Brussels or want to understand how these benefits translate to your specific situation, consider visiting our partner site, Here, you can simulate a mortgage loan, giving you a clearer picture of your financial commitments and the savings you stand to gain.


Brussels’ real estate market is ripe with opportunities, especially for first-time buyers. The introduction of these fiscal abatements showcases the government’s commitment to making homeownership more attainable for its residents. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or considering a property upgrade, understanding these benefits can significantly influence your purchasing decision. So, before you dive into the Brussels real estate market, arm yourself with this knowledge and make an informed choice.