Terminating short-term leases in Belgium: A comprehensive guide

Navigating the complexities of the real estate market can be challenging, especially when it comes to understanding the nuances of lease agreements. In Belgium, the rules surrounding the termination of short-term leases vary depending on the region. Whether you’re a tenant or a landlord, it’s essential to be informed about your rights and responsibilities.

Juli Kosolapova

Terminating short-term leases: what you need to know


If you’re renting a property in Flanders for a short duration (up to three years), you, as a tenant, have the right to terminate the lease at any time, provided you give the necessary notice. Once the notice is given, the landlord is entitled to compensation equivalent to one and a half, one, or half a month’s rent, depending on whether the lease ends in the first, second, or third year, respectively.

However, landlords in Flanders cannot prematurely terminate the lease, even if they wish to move in or undertake renovation works.

It’s crucial to note that the lease doesn’t automatically end after the agreed duration. If either party wishes to terminate the lease at the end of the stipulated period, a notice must be given at least three months before the contract’s expiration.


In Wallonia, the rules are slightly different. Like in Flanders, tenants can terminate the lease at any time with a three-month notice. However, the compensation to the landlord is one month’s rent.

Contrary to Flanders, landlords in Wallonia can sometimes terminate the lease prematurely, especially if they or a family member wish to move into the property. This is only possible after the first year of the lease, with a three-month notice and compensation equivalent to one month’s rent.

Again, the lease doesn’t automatically conclude at the end of the contract. Either party wishing to end the lease must give a notice at least three months before the contract’s expiration, unless the lease duration is three months or less.


For properties located in the Brussels region, tenants can terminate the lease with a three-month notice and a compensation of one month’s rent. Landlords can also end the lease prematurely if they or certain family members wish to move in. This can only be done after the first lease year, with compensation equivalent to one month’s rent.

Whether a notice is required by either party depends on the contract’s duration. For leases less than six months, the contract ends automatically. However, leases of six months or longer require a three-month notice from either party before the agreed duration ends.

What if the lease isn’t registered?

If the landlord hasn’t registered the lease, tenants can typically terminate it without giving notice and without any compensation. However, depending on the property’s region, the landlord might first need to be formally requested to register the lease.


Understanding the intricacies of lease agreements in Belgium can be daunting, but being informed is the key to a smooth rental experience. Whether you’re a tenant or a landlord, knowing your rights and responsibilities ensures that both parties are protected and any potential disputes can be avoided.