Rising rental trends across Belgium in 2022

The real estate market is ever-evolving, and rental prices are no exception. Recent data from the Federation of Francophone Real Estate Agents in Belgium has highlighted a notable trend: rental prices are on the rise across all regions.

Alex Vasey

Brussels leads the way

In the heart of Belgium, Brussels witnessed an average rental price increase of 4.2% in 2022 compared to 2021. This surge is significant, especially when juxtaposed against the modest increases of 0.7% and 0.8% in 2020 and 2021, respectively. In monetary terms, this translates to an average increase of €47 in 2022, pushing the average rent in Brussels beyond the €1,100 mark.

Wallonia and Flanders follow suit

While Brussels might be the focal point for many, Wallonia and Flanders have not been left behind. These regions experienced rental price hikes of 4.6% and 4.7%, respectively. Such parallel increases across the regions might indicate a potential slowdown in the exodus from Brussels to the other two regions, a trend that had been previously triggered by the 2020 pandemic.

Understanding the numbers

While the numbers might seem alarming to some, it’s essential to put them in perspective. Charlotte De Thaye, the General Director of Federia, points out, "This 4.2% increase in rents is still well below inflation. This makes 2022 an unusual year as new leases increased at a slower rate than ongoing leases, especially those that were fully indexed."

A closer look at property types

Diving deeper into the types of properties affected by these price hikes reveals more insights. Apartments, which dominate the Brussels rental market, accounting for 90% of all rentals, experienced the most significant price surge. Studios make up 4% of the market, while terraced houses represent a mere 5%. This dominance of apartments in the rental market underscores their importance and the need for potential renters to be aware of these trends when considering a move.

What does this mean for potential renters?

For those considering renting in Belgium, understanding these trends is crucial. While prices are rising, it’s essential to remember that the real estate market is cyclical. Factors such as economic health, employment rates, and even global events like pandemics can influence rental prices.

For renters, this might mean being more strategic about when and where to rent. It might also mean considering longer lease terms to lock in current rates or exploring different regions that offer better value for money.


The Belgian real estate market, like many others globally, is influenced by a myriad of factors. The recent rise in rental prices across all regions is a testament to the market’s dynamic nature. While renters should be aware of these trends, it’s also essential to approach the market with a balanced perspective, understanding that prices can and will fluctuate over time. As always, doing thorough research and seeking expert advice can make the rental journey smoother and more informed.