AI meets lawn mowing: is it worth the cost?

The intersection of technology and routine household tasks has introduced a new player in the realm of gardening: the autonomous lawnmower, empowered with artificial intelligence (AI). Segway, a brand traditionally linked to personal transportation, ventures into the garden with its Navimow i-Series, promising a lawn maintenance revolution. With its advanced features and a starting price of $1,000 in the U.S., it beckons the question: does this piece of innovative technology redefine lawn care, or is it merely a high-end gadget?

Introducing the Navimow i-Series

The Navimow i-Series by Segway marks a significant advancement in the chore of lawn mowing. This series stands out by eliminating the need for perimeter wires—a common necessity for traditional robotic mowers. Instead, it uses a sophisticated AI and an EFLS 2.0 localization system for precise navigation, ensuring every corner of your garden is perfectly maintained.

Easy setup and operation

One of the most lauded features of the Navimow i-Series is its user-friendly setup. Freed from the cumbersome installation of perimeter wires, the Navimow uses cutting-edge technology to navigate gardens intelligently. Through the Navimow app, users can easily define virtual boundaries, simplifying the mower’s operation and making it an effortless addition to any garden.

Enhanced by vision and precision

For those looking for an even more robust solution, the optional VisionFence module equips the Navimow with visual capabilities, allowing it to detect and navigate around obstacles with unprecedented accuracy. This feature promises a smooth mowing experience free from collisions, ensuring a uniformly trimmed lawn every time.

Is the investment justified?

While the Navimow i-Series boasts autonomy, self-charging abilities, and operates quietly, the price point is a significant consideration for potential buyers. The benefits of integrating such sophisticated technology into a lawnmower must be weighed against the cost.

Is the convenience and precision offered by an AI-equipped lawnmower worth the premium price, or is it an extravagant addition to garden maintenance tools? Let’s explore the arguments.

Evaluating AI in lawn care


  • Time efficiency: The Navimow i-Series significantly reduces the manual effort and time investment traditionally associated with lawn care.
  • Accuracy: Leveraging advanced AI, the Navimow promises meticulous lawn maintenance with minimal human oversight.
  • User convenience: Its straightforward setup and ability to handle complex garden layouts offer unmatched ease of use.


  • Upfront cost: The Navimow’s price may deter some, posing questions about its overall value.
  • Dependence on technology: The reliance on continuous technological support and connectivity could present challenges, particularly in environments prone to signal or technical issues.

The Navimow i-Series invites us to reimagine the future of gardening, merging AI with the mundane task of lawn mowing to offer a glimpse into a new era of home maintenance. Whether its value proposition resonates with consumers will largely depend on individual priorities, such as the desire for convenience, the complexity of lawn care needs, and budget considerations. As technology continues to evolve, it’s clear that our approach to garden maintenance is set for exciting changes.